Free printable student planner, school planner and calendar for kids #freeprintables #planner #printablesandinspirations
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Free Student Planner And Printable 2018 Calendar For Kids – Free Download!

December 3, 2017

Hello friends! Here’s my very first student planner with free calendar for kids! It’s 30 plus pages to help your students organize their activities and tasks for the whole year. This student planner has calendars from January 2018 to August 2019 so you can use them until the next school year. It also has free 2018 calendar and year overview so do check this out!


Student planner pages for the best year ever!


Free printable student planner, school planner and calendar for kids #freeprintables #planner #printablesandinspirations


Help your kids use this planner to set their goals and achieve more success. Before diving into these planner pages with your precious ones, check out these goal-setting worksheets HERE.


2018 calendars


Our student planner comes with a year-at-a-glance 2018 calendar and a 4-page calendar or year overview. Use the 4-page calendar to plot down big activities for each month, and monthly goals. Later, your kid can use this as reference when filling up the monthly overview.

We have more 2018 calendars for kids HERE, just click the link to see 3 more designs that I really love!


Monthly overview


Each monthly overview pages has a calendar insert, from January 2018 to August 2019. Use this to plot down specific goals for each month, activities and projects. I also left some space for more notes. Fill each page before the month starts, and later use this as reference for the weekly planners.


Weekly planner with calendar!


Just like the monthly overview, each weekly planner has a calendar insert until August 2019. That way, your child can easily see how many days have gone and how many days are left. Use a highlighter to show which days are included in the weekly planner.

The planner runs from Monday to weekends, so you can easily remember to put some more family time at the end of each week.

You may also click HERE to check another set of student weekly planners!


School planner pages


Aside from these, our free printable student planner has pages for assignments or homework, test or exam dates, project planner, class schedule and class information.

Put all of these pages inside a US Letter size binder, along with other school documents. You may print the monthly overview on board paper to serve as monthly dividers.



Pretty planner cover!


Lastly, use the pretty covers to cap it all off. Write your child’s name on the label to personalize it. I also included the cover without the label so you can use it to create a planner pocket or binder cover. Have fun with your new planner!


How to print your student planner and 2018 calendar for kids


I make my pretty printables using Canva. The PDF pages are larger than the actual paper so that the images print better.

It is very important that you choose FIT on your printer settings, under page sizing. This student planner was made to fit a US Letter size but you can also print on A4 size paper.


For more printing tips, please click HERE.



Download your free student planner now or save it to Pinterest for later!


Free printable student planner, school planner and calendar for kids #freeprintables #planner #printablesandinspirations




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Have a great school year every year!



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