November bullet journal | free printable planner | bujo | bullet journal layout | bullet journal weekly spread | planner printables
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My Free Printable November Bullet Journal!

October 26, 2017

One week before November and I’m so excited! This month I will start printing my own November bullet journal and every month after that! This is a free printable so you may use it if you like. Take a look at what I’ve prepared for my busiest November ever!


November bullet journal | free printable planner | bujo | bullet journal layout | bullet journal weekly spread | planner printables


My November bullet journal was inspired by my daily coffee. Since I started blogging, I’ve been using it as an excuse to go and work (and drink coffee) at a nearby cafe! Here’s what I had this morning: coffee with milk and no sugar, salami and water. I also ordered a donut after a while.





I’ve been loving the bullet journals I see on YouTube and Pinterest, and I knew that’s what I need to keep my new life organized. However, I have really bad handwriting and I’m not sure if I can find time to prepare beautiful pages every month.

So I started doing some baby steps to create my personal bullet journal. First, I made some WEEKLY MINI PLANNERS that I can use for the remaining weeks of October. You can see my 9 WEEKLY MINI PLANNERS when you click this link later.

I used my mini planner to decide what’s going to be in my journal. So far, I’ve been putting down goals for the week, bills to pay, blog ideas, and daily tasks. I also added a calendar to guide me throughout the week.

As a first, I made some PLANNER STICKER DESIGNS for my November bullet journal! I really love how the coffee tumblers turned out, so I shared them in my previous blog post. Click this link to see my coffee tumblers planner stickers!

if you want to see my next planner stickers, follow me on social media or subscribe to our blog! I’ll try and make my stickers more Cricut-friendly next time.





For this month, I used the layout that works for me and added new things to try. Here are all the pages in my November bullet journal.


November bullet journal | free printable planner | bujo | bullet journal layout | bullet journal weekly spread | planner printables




I used the coffee tumblers to create a seamless pattern for my journal cover. I really like it so I’m not going to put any labels on the cover. If you want to use the same design as a planner cover/divider, click this link to go to my previous post.




I removed the weekly calendar to have just one bigger calendar in this page. Instead of a monthly planner layout, I’m going to use a 31-day journal page to plot my activities for the month. But I’m still keeping my monthly planner in my iPad. I also assigned some space for monthly goals and priorities.




I’m using the same weekly planner layout with space for tasks ever day and next week. I removed the calendar to have more space for weekly goals and expenses.

My quote for each week is “Give love. Receive love. Be thankful!” This is going to be my inspiration as I prepare for Christmas and plan some time with my loved ones.

My November bullet journal will have a total of 15 pages which I already numbered! I added an extra journal page and dot paper, in case I need them.


Download and print these pretty pages!


This is a free printable so you may download and use all the pages, or choose what you like and add them to your planner. You can even use them for another month, not just November!

Print on A4 size paper and cut to make A5 size pages. It’s easier to find and A5 binder here than a 1/2 US letter size, that’s why I made the switch.

I arranged the pages so you can print the first 2 pages back to back, and so on. Then, follow the white page numbers to assemble your planner.

Another option is to fold the pages together to make a notebook, instead of cutting them.

Very important: Check our printing tips here! These files are larger than the actual size for better printing.




Thanks for taking some time to look at my very first bullet journal! I need help in improving my handwriting, so if you have some tips for me, please leave a comment below.

Have a productive November!



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