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5 Trust God And Attract Blessings In Your Life (Psalm 23)


We’re on the last day of our study on Psalm 23, and it’s all about God’s blessings! I’ve shared before that sheep are easily scared, so the shepherd’s job is to make the sheep come to him. We’ve been learning about how God is our good shepherd who cares for us and leads us, and I hope that I was able to encourage you to come to God and trust Him. Writing about Psalm 23 has made me so happy and if you’ll read each article about each verse of Psalm 23, you’ll easily find out why.

Now, on to our lesson! Let’s read Psalm 23:6.

Attract God's blessings, psalm 23 lessons, bible study, inspiration, bible verse

How do we attract God’s blessings? When we let God be our shepherd, we trust Him every day to meet our needs and give us our hearts’ desires, lift us up and restore what we have lost. We seek to follow His leading, knowing that He’s protecting us always, and we expect Him to lavish us with blessings. Then we begin to worry less because we know that God has all the answers. We also learn to wait patiently for His provision to arrive at the right time. But that’s not all! When we choose to trust in God, He will do these things every minute, every hour, every day! He is always here for us.

God’s goodness brings you health, prosperity, and happiness.

God’s goodness or favor shall follow you everywhere and it is there to bless you. It’s purpose is to keep you in good health so that you may enjoy all that God will give you. It is there to bless your relationships with your family, friends and colleagues. He favors you so that your business prospers and bring you more income. Wherever you are, God’s goodness is there for you so you can live a happier life.

God’s mercy and lovingkindness is always available for you.

We’re not perfect most of the time, and there will be days when it is too difficult to trust in God. Sometimes, we end up hurting people, mostly because we are too worried or distracted with life. When this happens, God’s mercy is with you to forgive you and help restore what was broken. He loves you so much that even when you forget about Him, He’s still there watching out for you, like a good shepherd. I can imagine God taking every opportunity to show you His love, sending help in every possible way, until you have no more reason not to trust Him. He loves you too much to let you go.

God’s goodness and mercy pursues you the whole day!

A literal translation of Psalm 23:5 says that surely, without a doubt, God’s goodness and mercy will not just follow you, but PURSUE you every day. If you run away from His blessings, it will run after you. When you stay at home, God’s goodness stays with you. If you leave for work, His goodness follows you there. God’s goodness and mercy will follow you wherever you go, not just every now and then, but for the whole length of your day and night!

Finally, after listing down and thinking about the many things that God has been doing for him, the psalmist decides to dwell in God’s house forever. Oh, I’d love to say the same! To dwell in God’s house is to be with Him everyday, aware that He is here with us, being the good shepherd to us who trust Him. But how do we follow Him? Jesus assures us,

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” John 10:27 NKJV


When we choose to trust in God, He helps us follow Him. In my experience, reading the Bible and talking to fellow believers has greatly helped me. There is peace in my heart amidst all the troubles, and I know that I am where God wants me to be. It’s really hard to explain, but you’ll know when you begin to trust God yourself. Remember, He is always there for you. He is your good and loving Shepherd.

That’s the end of our study on Psalm 23. Thinking about God’s goodness and mercy makes me so happy, and I will definitely go back and read each article every now and then.

I pray that we see more clearly all the big and small things that God works around us, so that we can trust Him more. Let me know what God is doing for you by leaving a comment below. I’m excited to know about God’s goodness in your life!

Thanks for your time and have more blessed days ahead!

With love,



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