Printer Settings


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Here are some tips for better printing.


On your printer control panel, choose the paper size that you like. Then under PAGE SIZING, choose FIT. This leaves a white border around 1/4 inch wide.

Make sure that all the other boxes are unchecked. Here’s a photo to show you.





Please do not print the actual size! These are bigger files for clearer graphics, so make sure you adjust the size to fit the paper as shown above.

You can also print on other paper sizes if you choose the settings above. The printer will fit the image to your paper’s width. The proportions will be the same but there will be some white spaces at the ends.

If you print a US Letter size calendar on A4 paper, you will have a slightly smaller calendar with more white spaces at the ends.




To make our mini planner, print and then cut in half crosswise. You can put the sheets inside your ring binder.

If the file is for A4 size paper, you can also print it on A5 paper since their proportions are the same. Choose FIT on your printer settings.

You may also print on both sides of your paper but make sure that the paper is at least 80 gsm.

Lastly, you may fold the sheets in half and staple at the center to make a mini notebook. I do this for my personal planner and I keep them organized in a pin binder.

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Albert and Mae