Free floral calendar, free printables, weekly planner
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Free Floral Calendar For The Rest of 2017!

August 26, 2017

I’m very happy to announce my very first free printables! Get a hold of my¬†free floral calendar¬†that you can download here! My free printable calendars is my way of saying welcome to my very new blog, Printables and Inspirations. I made several floral calendar designs that you can choose from, with matching weekly planners!



On to our free floral calendar printables! Here’s a quick peek of the floral calendar designs that you can choose from.


Free floral calendar, free printables, weekly planner


These free floral calendar printables come in a vertical layout, perfect for binders and clipboards. If you prefer a horizontal layout, I have just the thing for you! Click the link to check out my free printable horizontal planners. Since I’m very new at blogging, I find it easier for me to see all my tasks in one page using a monthly spread. However for busier bees, I have prepared a free printable weekly planner that you can use for your daily tasks.


Free floral calendar, free printables, weekly planner


Download your free floral calendar now!


I hope you like them! Go ahead and click the link to download your favorite free floral calendar. If you want to share with your loved ones, please feel free to send them a link to this post!


Printable Free Floral Calendar (Bouquet)


Get the 2018 Floral Calendar (Bouquet) *update


Free Floral Calendar (Blue)


Free Floral Calendar (Tan)


Files are for US Letter paper size but you can also print on another paper. Please click here for more PRINTING TIPS.

Designing these free printables made me so happy, and I’m glad that I could share them with you. I also appreciate finding a lot of free design elements that I can use for future projects. I’m so excited!



By the way, let me give a very big thank you to for the beautiful design elements that I used for my free printables. It’s perfect for creating floral designs and you can also download them for free! Just click the link to download their blush and navy floral graphics. They’re so pretty that they inspired me to create my very own design elements as well — coming out very soon!

Thanks very much for visiting my blog! Click the SUBSCRIBE button to get weekly updates and freebies. I hope to see you again soon!





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