Free Printable Pink Life Planner 2020 - with 2020 calendar and more planner pages. Get your free pdf download now! #freeprintable #printablesandinspirations #pink #planneraddict #plannerlover #bulletjournal
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Your Free 2020 Pink Life Planner Printable Is Here!

October 7, 2019

At long last – our 2020 Pink Life Planner is here! It’s our free printable life planner for 2020 now in TWO beautiful floral designs. Each 2020 life planner comes with a 2020 monthly calendar, 2020 monthly calendar in two-pages and more calendar layouts, cover pages, weekly planners, and other free printable planner pages. You may now print them on A4, A5 or US Letter paper to make your DIY planner . Use if for your home binder, school planner, or bullet journal! And it’s a free PDF download so you may print any time and as much as you want.

Free Printable Pink Life Planner 2020 - with 2020 calendar and more planner pages. Get your free pdf download now! #freeprintable #printablesandinspirations #pink #planneraddict #plannerlover #bulletjournal

This is now our 3rd Pink life planner so if you’re curious to see, here are the links to what we had for the past years.

2018 Pink life planner

2019 Pink life planner

2020 life planner printable pages

Here’s a list of all the pages I made for your free printable life planner. These are planner templates that you may use to create your own DIY planner or bullet journal. I believe that we are all unique and we each have our own planning styles. My goal is to provide pretty pages that you may customize to fit your own needs.

Cover pages

The blank cover page may be used as a divider, while the gray one is for writing your contact information.

2020 calendar

Each calendar comes in a Sunday start or Monday start version.

Free Printable 2020 Planner Printables - Pink life planner cover pages, 2020 year at a glance calendar and 2020 future log. #freeprintable #printablesandinspirations #pink #bulletjournal #planneraddict #plannerlover

Future log with 2020 calendar

This is perfect for writing down events or special dates, a big goal for each month, and birthdays.

Year at a glance calendar

This is a 2-page calendar spread that you may use for any year! You may use a highlighter to fill in the weekends and customize it for the year.

2020 monthly calendar

Free Printable 2020 monthly calendar - Pink life planner for 2020 with 33 printable planner pages. #freeprintable #printablesandinspirations #pink #bulletjournal #planneraddict #plannerlover

2020 two-page monthly calendar

2020 Two page calendar spread in pink and blush - get your free download now! #freeprintable #printablesandinspirations #pink #lifeplanner

More life planner printable pages

Monthly log

If you’re used to bullet journaling, the monthly log may replace your usual calendar layout. There’s also a 2-column layout on which you may add more lines to create a tracker.

Free Printable 2020 bullet journal pages - Pink life planner 2020 calendar, bill tracker, monthly log and weekly planner. #freeprintable #printablesandinspirations #pink #bulletjournal #planneraddict #plannerlover

Bill tracker or monthly tracker

Here you may list down your monthly bills then put a check mark to note that you’ve paid that bill for the month. You may also use it as a project timeline to track down events that span for more than one month.

Weekly planner

I made two kinds of weekly planners. The second one is made of columns that are 1.5 inches wide so you may enjoy using free printable stickers on your planner!

Lined pages and notes pages

Add more collections and items to your planner with these blank templates.

Choose your 2020 life planner printable

Choose one planner design or use both! You must also decide whether to print this on A4 size paper or US Letter size paper. If you’re using A5 pages, then download the A4 files and choose Size > Fit on your printer settings.

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Get your 2020 pink life planner printable

I’ll send these beautiful pink life planners to your email when you fill up the form below. You’ll be subscribed to our email newsletter for updates on printables and access to our Exclusives Library! (Current subscribers to our free email newsletter must also fill up this form.)

By the way, I used free clipart from for my ‘classic’ pink life planner. You may also download them for free when you visit her website to create more beautiful things.

Enjoy your new 2020 pink life planner printable! And I wish you a more blessed and more inspired year.

Love always,



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  1. Mae, the blush planner is really pretty. Are you planning to make a 2-page monthly and/or 2-page weekly calendar with this design? šŸ™‚

    1. Hi Dixie! I’m happy you like our planner.

      For my A5 planner I print 2 pages on A4 size paper. When I do this, I remove the margins via printer settings.

      I think you may try printing 2 pages on A5 paper and cut in half to make A6 size pages.

      I hope this helps. Have an awesome 2020!


  2. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your beautiful printables, Mae! Both of the 2020 calendar designs are so pretty. I will have to use them both so I don’t spend weeks trying to decide which one to choose. šŸ˜

  3. Hi, Mae! I tried to find the link to sign up for the download, but was unable to find it. I would love a copy of the planners to print out.

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