August bullet journal layout - Get your free printable planner in pretty pink floral design and use any month! #freeprintable #printableplanner #bulletjournal #bujomonthly
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Free Rustic Floral Planner + August Bullet Journal Layout!

July 23, 2018

Hello my loves! Here’s my August bullet journal layout with the free printable planner. You can use the printable planner pages not just in August but in any month or for the whole year! Get your free download and start planning an awesome month, or simply check out these pages for your bujo inspiration.

August bullet journal layout - Get your free printable planner in pretty pink floral design and use any month! #freeprintable #printableplanner #bulletjournal #bujomonthly

Free printables for August

Here are more free printables for August. But before that, let me send you a big warm hug with all my heart. I’m finally back to writing here after a week of family fun and I missed this so much.

I knew I’d be busy so I prepared my August bujo 2 weeks ago. I still don’t have the complete video but I just want to share them now before it’s too late. It’s been a crazy one week and who knows what will happen in this second week of our vacation? 🙂

Also, I’ve already posted my August bujo cover pages HERE and my August free calendars before I went on vacation. If you haven’t yet, feel free to check them out later and download.

So for August, I used these beautiful pink rustic floral clipart by Michelle Alzola HERE. (Affililate links here.)

Changes I made for my August bullet journal layout

I used a different gsm 120 white paper because I wanted smoother paper for easier doodling. However I made a mistake and still got textured paper!

This pink rustic planner has 24 pages instead of 20. That’s 6 A4 sheets folded into a booklet. But you can download and choose to print only the pages you like.

The COVER pages still have a frame design so you can choose to print the blank frame for months other than August. This can also be used as a highlights page or a frame for a special quote or photo.

The CALENDAR layout is the same and you can choose to print the full calendar for months other than August.

I added a dotted paper spread to serve as my DASHBOARD for August. This is where I will write my goals and motivation for the month.

I used the same FINANCE TRACKERS but I made the lines gray instead of black. I also used gray lines for the calendar and weekly spread.

For the WEEKLY SPREAD, I used the same layout as my bullet journal templates HERE. I’ll be using the small grid for my weekly HABIT TRACKER instead of a whole month habit tracker. I struggled with some of my habit goals and I think a weekly tracker will help me focus more.

Because I have more booklet pages, I added 3 LINED PAPER spreads instead of 2. These will be used for my thankful list, wish list, blog planner, and other notes.

In July, I used tape to cover the ends of the staple wire to protect my fingers. I also covered the ‘spine’ of the booklet with tape to prevent it from getting destroyed with too much use. For August, I stapled my bullet journal booklet from the inside and used tape only on the spine.

Here’s a video of my August bullet journal and a quick flip through of my July bujo.

Use this free printable planner for any month

Here’s a quick look at the pages of your free printable monthly planner. You may write the dates and headers on each page to create your own DIY planner.

Click the photo to take a closer look.

August bullet journal layout - Get your free printable planner in pretty pink floral design and use any month! #freeprintable #printableplanner #bulletjournal #bujomonthly

Print on A4 or A5 size paper. In my case, I print 2 pages on one A4 paper to make my August bullet journal booklet. For more instructions how to do this, check my updated printing steps here.

Free A5 or A4 planner printable - Get your free printable planner in pretty pink floral design and use any month! #freeprintable #printableplanner #bulletjournal

Download Your Free Printable Planner Template

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