2018 calendar | free printable monthly planner | printable calendar | 2018 planner
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Free Printable Blank Calendars + 2018 Calendar!

November 18, 2017

Happy Friday! Here’s another set of 2018 calendar free printable in 6 pretty colors, plus black and gray! Mix and match the colors or print only your favorite. I also included the blank calendar templates or printable blank calendar so you can use them any year! Download all 8 calendar sets!

Print these calendars on US Letter paper size and use as your desk planner, or pin to your bulletin board or kitchen command center. We chose a simple design with a pop of color.


2018 calendar | free printable monthly planner | printable calendar | 2018 planner


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Choose your favorite color or mix and match your 2018 calendar free printable!


I really love these colors because they are modern and they give me a feeling of being more energized for the day. I especially like the color cyan or bluish green and we even made a calendar with only white and cyan colors. Check this super cute 2018 calendar in cyan!

Download this 2018 calendar free printable and you get not just one but 8 sets of calendars! You may choose to print only one color to match your room’s color theme. Or you can assign a color to 2 months of each year or print 2 colors alternately. The only rule is: Have fun being creative!

Want something more minimalist? Print out the gray calendar and write down your tasks using a black pen. Make it prettier using your calligraphy skills. For more contrast, print out the black calendar instead.


2018 calendar | free printable monthly planner | printable calendar | 2018 planner


Add more inspiration!


You can use the blank space at the bottom of your 2018 calendar free printable to write down your favorite quote for the month. You may also write it on the color bar at the bottom for more emphasis. For your black calendar, use a white pen to make your favorite quote pop out!

Click HERE for some planning quotes to get you started. Or write down some positive affirmations from this list HERE.

You may also get some inspiration from the lessons I learned from Psalm 23 right HERE. This is definitely our favorite passage. We memorized Psalm 23 and Albert even added his own tune!



Free printable blank calendar


I also included the blank calendars so you can enjoy these beautiful colors not just in 2018! If you like writing with a white pen, the black and white calendar is for you!




Also check out the cute blank calendars with weekly planners HERE!



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Have you decided how to use these pretty calendars? Save this to Pinterest and follow us on social media to get updated on newer designs! You may see all our early 2018 calendars and pretty planners on our CALENDARS AND PLANNERS page.


2018 calendar | free printable monthly planner | printable calendar | 2018 planner




These are larger than the actual size so make sure to check our printing instructions HERE.

Thanks for sharing! Have a great and wonderful weekend!


Albert and Mae

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