Free checkered digital paper for scrapbooking and planner divider
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Free Checkered Digital Paper For Scrapbooking And More!

November 26, 2017

More digital paper for free! Here are 12 free checkered digital paper for scrapbooking and other uses. Print these out and use as a pretty background for your scrapbooking project. Add some holes and turn them into planner dividers or fold to make a pocket. I made these free digital paper from scratch using Canva and Sketches apps.

if you haven’t seen them yet, visit our previous posts to download our autumn digital paper and other designs. Click here to see all digital paper.


12 Checkered Designs


At first, I only made four checkered patterns for our December calendars HERE. I was inspired by checkered Christmas decors on Pinterest and then I thought, why not use other colors?

It wasn’t easy to do these at first, and I played with the Canva app until I was able to make a pattern unit for the checkered design. After that, it was easy to change up the colors. I also mixed the green and red units to create a Christmas design. Check out all 12 colors or designs of our checkered digital paper!


Free checkered digital paper for scrapbooking and planner divider

I hope I will make more complex designs in the future. I really had fun doing this and I’m happy with how this project turned out.


Looking for more checkered patterns?


Here are some finds from various websites so feel free to click the photos and look around for more inspiration! You’ll be supporting our blog if you purchase.









These are PNG or JPEG files that you can easily use to create designs for your scrapbook or your printed projects like bags or mugs, and holiday giveaways!

You can also use these designs to make pretty banner designs. If you want some more ideas, see our Christmas banners HERE!



Download and print your checkered digital paper now or save to Pinterest for later!


Free checkered digital paper for scrapbooking and planner divider




Print these on US Letter size paper. These files are larger than your actual paper size, so make sure to check our printing instructions HERE.

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Have fun with your new digital paper! Let’s keep creating more beautiful things.



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