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Free Digital Paper For Scrapbooking And More Projects!

October 10, 2017

Hello loves! It’s raining hard outside but I’m okay. I’m in a very good mood because I just made 4 very pretty designs! Here’s another set of free digital paper for scrapbooking and other projects. Download the png file or PDF file now!


Thank you for the flowers!


For this set, I used floral elements from These are freebies from their website that you can also download. I used the same set of flowers for my poster about God keeps his promises even when we fail.  You can check that later to download more flowers.


How I created the patterns


I used the Taiyasui Sketches Pro app to create the diagonal stripes and to choose the colors from the flower that I will use for the patterns. For the leaf icon, I used a free image from Canva.

Creating these seamless patterns is really easy and quick! For more instructions, head over to my tutorial series on how I use Canva to make a seamless pattern.

I’m very thankful for these apps because I can create designs on my iPad alone. I was even watching a TV series while making them!


Use these digital backgrounds for your projects


You may use our free digital paper for your personal projects! Print them out and use them as scrapbooking paper or as planner covers. Download the PNG file and add your favorite quote or use as a pretty phone wallpaper.

I used one of these as a background for my weekly planner. Visit our next blog post to see it!


Download your free digital paper now or save it on Pinterest!


free scrapbooking | free digital paper | floral pattern | autumn colors




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Make sure you check out our free autumn digital paper here. I really love creating pretty patterns and I hope that you like them!

Have a beautiful day!



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