Weekly planner, my personal mini planner in pastel colors, free printable planner in 9 designs
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Free Printable Weekly Mini Planner In 9 Designs!

October 15, 2017

October has been super busy and I can no longer go paperless! Since I can’t bring a full binder with me all the time, I decided to make my own weekly mini planner. I’m sharing it with you today, with 8 other designs so you can use them too!


Weekly planner, my personal mini planner in pastel colors, free printable planner in 9 designs




I’ve been blogging for only almost 2 months now, so I can say I’m still transitioning to this blogging life. I’m always on the go since we have another business to take care of, so I do all my planning on my iPad.

I’ve been using the PDF Expert app which I upgraded so I can annotate my planners. I use one of my floral monthly and weekly planners, plus a blank dot paper. I also use the habit tracker from the same set to keep track of which posts I pin everyday. I really like the layout so much that I even made a new and better weekly planner in 6 designs here!

I love that I could easily move tasks on the monthly planner on my iPad, plus write on it using the pens and highlighters on the app. Recently, swiping from page to page no longer works for me since I’m doing it more than I would like to. So I decided to start writing down on paper again.




I don’t want to bring a big binder with me all the time, so I’ll be using a mini planner instead. A lot of you have been loving my 2018 floral mini planner and I’m so happy! So I made more mini planners to use and to share with you.

No worries! I’m still doing my monthly planner on my iPad because it’s easier for me. And I still have a lot of pretty ideas for a full page planner, so be sure to keep coming back here. You can also get weekly updates in your email when you subscribe below.


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Going back, what I’ll be carrying around is my weekly mini planner set for each month and it fits perfectly in my iPad case. Here’s what I’m going to use.


Weekly planner, my personal mini planner in pastel colors, free printable planner in 9 designs




I always have a calendar on my weekly spread so I know how many weeks are left for the month. I placed it on the dot paper, together with the goals for the week and the expense tracker. I’m still deciding whether to draw lines or just add a bullet list.

On the left side, I’m going to write the dates inside the flags and add a bullet list for each day. I also have space for next week’s tasks which I will transfer to next week’s planner.

For more inspiration, Albert gave me this wonderful Bible verse from Psalm 90:12.


Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.


This will remind me to make each day count and to use the hours wisely. There must be a balance in everything we do, so each week must have its share of work and fun!

I still don’t want to carry a binder with me, so I’m thinking of making a small book each month. I’m thinking of something like a traveler’s notebook. So at the end of each month, I’ll prepare next month’s weekly planners and file this in a binder that stays at home.

If you have suggestions for me, please let me know in the comments below! I’m also deciding whether to cut the pages in half and use binder rings or fold them and sew to make a mini book.




I used the same design to create planners in 3 different colors. Also, I made 2 more layouts so you can choose the one that’s right for you!


Weekly planner, my personal mini planner in pastel colors, free printable planner in 9 designs


PLUS, I included the ones in white background so you can design your own planners with your favorite colors! Choose your color and click the link below. 


White           Beige          Pink          Blue


Files are for US Letter paper size but you can also print on another paper. These files are bigger than the actual size so please click here for more PRINTING TIPS.

Remember that all freebies are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you wish to share, please send the link to this blog. Sharing is caring!

I’m so excited to have a new planner/journal! I’ll surely make revisions in the future to come up with more planner pages so make sure that you SIGN UP to get notified!


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Let’s have more organized days ahead!



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