Gratitude journal, thankful printables, planner stickers, attitude of gratitude
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Gratitude Journal Printables And Images

September 25, 2017

I’m feeling more inspired, ever since I was reminded to have an attitude of gratitude. That’s why I made these gratitude journal printables and images that I will share with you today!


What inspired me


It all started when Albert was browsing through videos on YouTube. He decided to listen to Pastor Rick Warren that day. If you haven’t heard of him, Rick is the author of the best-selling book, A Purpose-Driven Life. Albert particularly liked him for clear but gentle explanations of the Bible.

We were a bit worried that day and Rick mentioned about being thankful everyday. He showed us how to make a thankful list using the letters of the alphabet! He read his list and I was so blessed by it.

Albert reminded me of our old thankful lists and how it has helped us during tough times. Right there, we made a new list and we’ve been reading it everyday. It’s good to be reminded of how many good things we have in life in spite of all the troubles around us. 

Since we’re fans of Oprah, we also tried thinking of 5 things we are thankful for before we call it a night. Sometimes we just keep it up to 3. What’s important is we recognize that each day has its own blessings!


Free Gratitude Journal Printable Notes And Thankful List. Add these to your bulletjournal to inspire thankfulness everyday. #gratitudejournal #gratitude #bulletjournal #printablesandinspirations #thanksgiving


Hence, our new gratitude journal printables!


First, here’s a THANKFUL LIST so you can write down things that y are grateful for, starting with the letters of the alphabet.  My list starts with A for Albert who loves me always, B for our business that let’s me do other things, C for my cats and D for my dogs, E for God’s endless love, F for my family, and the list goes on.


Gratitude journal, thankful printables, planner stickers, attitude of gratitude


You can also print out any of these thankful worksheets for your 5 things to be grateful for. Print and use them as part of your binder, or print on sticker paper and use them as stickers for your planner! Click the photos to take a closer look.


Gratitude journal, thankful printables, planner stickers, attitude of gratitude


Lastly, print out this beautiful verse from the Bible to inspire you to be thankful everyday!


Gratitude journal, thankful printables, planner stickers, attitude of gratitude, Bible verse, Psalm 107

I also uploaded the images I used for my thankful printables plus a verse about gratitude! You can use them on your own printables at home.





The pretty flower images are from the thank you freebies from She gives these away to subscribers so you better check that out, as well as her pretty creations!


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Thank you so much for your time! Have more blessed days to come!



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