Free printable bills tracker for budget binder and bullet journal, bills organization, budget printables, expense tracker
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Free Printable Monthly Bills Tracker!

January 4, 2018

Hi there! Here’s a free printable to help keep track of bills, credit card payments, and other expenses. Download our free printable bills tracker and add to your budget binder or bullet journal pages! Use this 12-months bills tracker to take note of monthly payments and help design your budget for each month. Choose from 2 designs and 4 sizes – A4, A5, US Letter, and half US Letter size.


Free printable bills tracker for budget binder and bullet journal, bills organization, budget printables, expense tracker


The first bill tracker layout has 24 rows for listing down bills and expenses. It’s perfect for a simple checklist for noting down which bills you’ve paid and when.

The second bill tracker layout has more space for writing when the bills are due and how much you need to pay. It has only 12 rows but you can print more pages if needed.


Have I paid this bill yet?


That’s one of my common questions last year. Sometimes I forget to pay our bill and sometimes I forget that I’ve already made a payment! Either I pay more for late dues, or I pay the same bill twice (which rarely happens). For this year, this printable bills tracker is definitely going to be part of my bullet journal.


Free Printable Monthly Bills Tracker Planner Page for your bullet journal and budget binder!


To help me make a budget, I list down the major expenses for each month. After that, I plan additional expenses like buying new equipment or going on a trip. Expense heavy months means I’ll have to stay home more often, spend less, or earn more than usual.


More planner printables for financial planning


Use these goal setting worksheets HERE to set your targets for each year.

For keeping track of expenses for the month, use the 31 days tracker HERE.


free printable habit tracker, monthly tracker, use as an expense tracker, add to your budget binder or teacher binder, daily checklist


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**UPDATE! Here’s our new monthly tracker with 2019 calendar!


Have a beautiful and prosperous new year!



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