2019 Bullet Journal Setup And 2018 Bujo Flip Through! Free printable planner pages to start your 2019 bullet journal or 2019 planner. #bulletjournal #2019bujosetup #bujoideas #goalsetting #freeprintable #printablesandinspirations
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My 2019 Bullet Journal Setup (Free Printable!)

December 29, 2018

Happy 2019! I’m so excited to share with you my 2019 bullet journal setup and January bujo pages! These are A5 planner printables that I put together to help me set my goals and plan my activities every month. You may also print out these pages for free and I’ll tell you how to do that later, but first let me show you my heart’s joy!

This is my first time to really think about my bullet journal setup for the year. 2018 has been a year of experimenting for me. I was already using my bujo but I was still figuring out how the system will work for my cluttered brain.

Bullet Journal Tips - how to improve your bullet journal or how to make your bullet journal work better. #bulletjournal #bujoideas #bujo #printablesandinspirations

5 things I did that helped me with bullet journaling

Creating a DIY planner for my leftie self. I know that writing down your thoughts with a pen is super beneficial for the brain, but I hate doing it because of my leftie issues. I also had trouble finishing my planner for the year. So I had to decide to make my own planner to suit my needs.

Sharing my bujo pages on social media. I’m not an artist so sharing my work can get really embarrassing for me. However, it’s also helped me focus on organizing my pages and therefore organize my thoughts as well. My monthly bujo habits really improved when I starting posting my plan with me videos on YouTube. So I’m really happy I finally finished my 2019 bullet journal setup video!

Decorating my planner. This has been my go-to activity when I need to relax or ease my mind. It also motivates me to keep writing on my journal. My one line a day page was mostly empty until I used my deco tape to separate each entry. Now I look forward to writing on that page so I can use my deco tape! (Deco tape looks like correction tape but it’s clear and has cute patterns.)

Using a habit tracker. Drawing a chart can be tedious but it’s really worth it. In my case, I work better with a weekly tracker than a monthly. Also, I found that a daily time tracker or activity tracker helps me focus on my work and also take care of my self too. I use it to check my sleeping habits and decide on needed rest days after working for long hours.

Accepting my mistakes and learning from them. The thing with pretty planners is that you don’t want to mess them up. But instead of ripping out the pages like I used to do, I now tell myself to keep the mistakes on my planner. They will serve as a reminder of what I should do or should not do next time.

2019 Bullet Journal Setup And 2018 Bujo Flip Through! Free printable planner pages to start your 2019 bullet journal or 2019 planner. #bulletjournal #2019bujosetup #bujoideas #goalsetting #freeprintable #printablesandinspirations

My 2019 bullet journal setup

Here’s a video of my bujo setup for 2019! And please remember to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

I included a flipthrough of my 2018 planner to show you how much progress I made. I am living proof that bullet journaling can work for anyone!

You’ll also see my monthly bujo themes. These are printable pages that you may use for any month, so feel free to download and use anything you like. You can get them for free at our Exclusives Library. Join our email list to get your free access! CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST.

Materials and free printables I used for my 2019 bullet journal setup

Here’s what I used for my 2019 bullet journal setup. Click each link to learn how to download or where to buy. I also included Amazon links so you’ll have an idea, and if you buy you’ll also be supporting us at no extra cost to you. (Affiliate links.)

Sakura Koi brush pens
(Coral red, peacock green, yellow, lilac, light warm gray)
Pigma micron 05 black pen
Zebra Sarasa Clip 1.0 (gold, silver)
Gold stickers from Typo
A5 ring binder (I took out the notebook pages, I’m still looking for my perfect ring binder that’s available here in Manila.)

Let me know if you’re using these pages, tag me on Instagram! And for more updates on new printables every month, join our email list now. You’ll also receive free access to our Exclusives Library to download these pages I used plus more!


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I hope my 2019 bullet journal setup inspired you to start your planner, keep reaching for your goals or keep on working on your journal. May you have a more blessed, more prosperous, and more awesome year. Happy 2019!



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