Free Printable 2020 Goal Setting Planner PDF - best goal setting journal for your DIY planner, goals planner, passion planner. #freeprintable #printablesandinspirations #goalsetting #diyplanner #planneraddict
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2020 Goal Setting Planner PDF – Free Printable!

November 13, 2018

Our goal planner for 2020 is here! Here’s our free GOAL SETTING PRINTABLE PLANNER in black and gold. See all 12 journal pages to help you reach your goals this year. These are A5 planner printables that you can also print on A4 size paper for your home binder. Choose a Sunday or Monday start 2020 planner and get your free download now!

Free Printable 2020 Goal Setting Planner PDF - best goal setting journal for your DIY planner, goals planner, passion planner. #freeprintable #printablesandinspirations #goalsetting #diyplanner #planneraddict

I added more gold elements to our goals planner to make it more beautiful and elegant. The gold is to remind us that every day is precious, yes, time is gold! 🙂

You may add these goal setting journal pages to your 2020 planner. We also have a free printable 2020 black and gold calendar that you may use with your goals planner.

Also check out this free printable goals planner from Cute Freebies For You!

goals planner template

Using your 2020 goals planner

Before starting with your 2020 goal setting planner, you may use my GOAL SETTING WORKSHEETS to set your long-term goals in life. I’ve done that last year, so now I will just revisit my worksheets and make some changes to it.


Future log – List down the most important events and plans for 2020.

“WHAT’S UP IN 2020!” The first 4 pages in your planner is a 2020 calendar with more space for notes. Here you may write special dates, birthdays, big deadlines, or your wedding day. Check these pages every month and copy the dates to your monthly planner.

Notes from last year – Evaluate and learn from the past.

List down the highlights from last year and celebrate! Identify things or habits you want to continue or stop doing. Use the extra page for more notes to help you achieve success in 2020.

Goals and habits – Set your goals and plan to achieve them.

List down your goals for the year and habits for success. These are based on the goal setting worksheets that I mentioned earlier. Be sure to click the link to read more about setting your goals every year!

Write down your goals for this year under each category. Then, list down habits that can help you reach your goals. This will be your guide when making your habit tracker every month.

Dream board – Visualize your success.

The next 2 pages makes your dream board spread. I wrote the titles “Dream and Believe! Achieve and Repeat!” to set the tone for success this year.

Use these dotted pages as a doodle board for your goals this year and beyond. You may also create a mind map and write down your dreams per category.

20 before 2021 – Write down the details.

List down 20 things that you’d like to see done before 2021. I got this idea from Kara at Boho Berry HERE and I’m so happy I joined her tribe! This will be my wishlist and goals list all in one!

Monthly goals – Set your goals for each month.

Now that your plans for this year is clearer, it’s time to assign your goals to each month. This way, you will only focus on 2 or 3 goals at a time.

Let’s celebrate – Stop and see how far you’ve gone.

Use these pages to evaluate the past 3 months. Write down the highlights of each period, goals you’ve reached so far, and what still needs to be done.

On the other page, list down helpful habits you wish to continue, life lessons and goals for the remaining months of the year.

That was an awesome year – Celebrate your success and get ready for next year!

No matter how much you’ve accomplished, appreciate and be thankful for this year. Remember, you are a few steps closer to your dream!

Want our original 2019 goal planner pages?

Click the image to download and use the 2019 goals planner pages with black and white headers.

Free Goal Setting Printable Planner For 2019! Your best goal planner pages for bullet journal or binder in black and gold. Free download now! #2019calendar #printableplanner #printablesandinspirations

Watch this video for a quick flip through of our new goal planner.

Get your free goal setting planner for 2020!

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Thanks for sharing! These goal setting printable planner pages will surely inspire you.

See you soon and have a beautiful year!

Love always,



Free Printable 2020 Calendar PDF In Gold And Black - monthly calendar planner with space for monthly goals. Get your free download now! #freeprintable #printablesandinspirations #gold #2020


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