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December Bullet Journal And December Planner Ideas

November 30, 2017

SantaWe love December! It’s full of celebrations, a season of giving, and the last days before we enter the new year. Here are some December planner ideas for your December bullet journal layout. Add these December planner ideas to your December bullet journal or use them as inspiration!


8 December planner ideas plus more!


Here are 8 December planner ideas that I listed down, plus what you can add to them. I already printed out my December bullet journal a few days ago, and good thing I have some extra pages in place! So let’s start with planner pages for Christmas.

And later, check our free CHRISTMAS PLANNER to help organize for the holidays. We also have a free GOALS PLANNER to start your year right.


Chistmas gifts list

December planner ideas and December bullet journal ideas, bullet journal layout, #bulletjournal #plannerideas


We really love Christmas especially when it’s time to buy gifts! It’s really difficult to avoid the holiday rush but planning where to buy and what gift to buy helps a lot.

List down your loved ones, what they like, and what gift you’ll give them. Add where to buy and how much is your budget. That way, you can adjust your choice of gifts if you have limited resources. If you like, you can print out our Christmas planner here to get you started.

Planning to DIY your Christmas gifts? Add a checklist of materials so you can see what else you need. That way, you can buy all your materials in one go. And of course, think of where to DIY so your family won’t know what you’re up to!

Buying your gifts online? Add an online purchase list and take down what you bought, when and where you got it, and when it’s expected to arrive. After that, plot down the arrival dates so you’ll  remember to follow them up if needed.

Ooooh, talking about gifts make me so excited for the holidays! We’re buying gifts for 12 kids and that is so much fun!



Christmas menu and grocery list


Another great thing about Christmas is the food! If you’re preparing food for the holidays, then it’s a must that you list down your menu. Bring out your favorite recipe book and list down the ingredients on your grocery list. You know how long the grocery lines can get so better plan ahead! Click here for a free printable grocery and to-do list.


Family Christmas activities


Bring out your old traditions and add something new. Plan your activities for the holidays with your family to get everyone excited. Bring the family closer by working on the preparations together, whether it’s baking a Christmas cake or decorating the tree, or choosing movies to watch on Christmas Eve.

Doing a holiday trip? Make your own travel planner and list down your expected time of arrival an schedule of activities. And make sure you have a checklist of things to bring!

We also have free SANTA SAYS game cards for more family bonding! Click here to get your Santa Says Christmas game cards for free.


Christmas thank-you page


At the end of all the celebrations and the activities, take some time to sit down and list what you are grateful for. List down all the gifts you received, and the happy moments you shared. Why not write thank you notes afterwards? I’m sure your heart will also thank you for it.

You may use our free thank you printables here or these super cute thank you cupcakes from!



Year-end gratitude journal


December planner ideas and December bullet journal ideas, bullet journal layout, #bulletjournal #plannerideas


Next we have December planner ideas for reflection! Being thankful does wonders to our hearts. It helps us to see the good things in life in the midst of troubles and worries everyday. After Christmas and before the new year starts, set some time to sit down and reflect on all your blessings.

Take some time to write down things you are thankful for: new people you’ve met, rekindled friendships, situations that turned out well in the end, people who were there when you needed them the most, new house, a new car, or finally getting out of debt. You may use some journal printables we prepared to guide you. Click here to check our thankful lists.

Want a gratitude journal for the whole year? Click here to download our free gratitude journal and use them or add the pages to your planner! Another thing to can add to your journal is to write a thank-you prayer at the end of the year.


Lessons I learned during the year


It’s always good to reflect on our triumphs and what we did right, and our failures and what could be improved. Make a list of 10 things You learned this year to guide you during the years ahead.

Click here to read lessons I learned from Psalm 23 and add them to your list.


Highlights and achievements


Give yourself a pat on the back and list down your successful moments, big and small! Write down habits you’ve finally mastered like drinking lots of water or exercising regularly.

After that, you can write down positive affirmations that will encourage you for the new year. Click here to see some affirmations we’ve listed down and make them your own!

You may also click here to see our guide on how to use positive affirmations.


Letter to myself


After doing all these reflection activities, write a letter to yourself. Encourage yourself, highlight your strong points, or give advice for the next year. This won’t be easy at first, but imagine how you’d feel when you read this again a few years from now!



Have have fun with these December planner ideas!


Add these to your December bullet journal for a more organized December, and a more insightful new year ahead. If you like this article, please share to your friends through social media or Pinterest!




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More blessings to you all!


Albert and Mae

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