2018 color of the year calendar free printable, 2018 calendar monthly planner, ultraviolet monthly calendar
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2018 Color Of The Year Calendar And More Ultraviolet Printables!

January 11, 2018

Hey it’s me again, going crazy over the 2018 Pantone color of the year – Ultraviolet. It’s funny but true, a lot of our new purchases last December were in the ultraviolet color family, it’s almost like a lucky color to me! And now, here’s our 2018 color of the year calendar in the same color family. Get our free printable 2018 calendar with purple peonies and have a beautiful year! You can post this to your wall or bulletin board, or add to a clipboard or ring binder. Write down the important appointments of each day to help organize your activities.


The Ultraviolet Bloom Bundle

TheHungryJpeg just released the Ultraviolet Bloom Bundle (affiliate links) for only $18! That’s 500+ beautiful images for a whole year of ultraviolet fun.



I used the Purple peonies watercolor wreath to make our free printable wedding invitation HERE. I also used another bouquet for our 2018 color of the year calendar and they are oh so lovely! This watercolor set is worth $13 but it’s also included in the Ultraviolet Bloom Bundle that’s only $18! Awesome deal!


Our 2018 color of the year calendar


2018 color of the year calendar free printable, 2018 calendar monthly planner, ultraviolet monthly calendar


I got these beautiful flowers because our friend loves the color violet so much and I though of making something for her. However, I got busy and forgot all about it until the Pantone color of the year was announced.

When I see this color I think of something sweet and clean, like lavender. To enhance that effect – I left a lot of white space and kept this calendar simple but beautiful.┬áThe color purple is also associated with luxury and wealth.


Check other purple calendars and planners


Aside from our purple peonies 2018 calendar, we also have 2 other calendars in the same color family.

First is our beautiful blooms calendar HERE. It has 2 sets of calendars, one in pink and the other in purple. Aside from the monthly planner, there’s also a weekly planner and a directory/contacts page.


free printable floral calendar for 2018, 2018 calendar and planner printables, monthly planner and weekly planner, address book planner cover


Another is our colorful calendar in 8 beautiful colors HERE. That’s 8 different sets of 2018 calendars and blank calendars.


2018 calendar | free printable monthly planner | printable calendar | 2018 planner


Here’s the purple version of our calendar. You may click and save this image and use it to make your own calendar, or click the photo above to download the complete 2018 calendar.



And the last one is not a calendar but a set of purple glitter letters that’s part of my Mess-free glitter letters HERE. Click and save the image below and use them for your fun projects!



I’m really loving this color now, there’s just so many fun things to do with it!


Download your purple peonies 2018 calendar now and share us on Pinterest!


That’s three 2018 color of the year calendar sets to choose from! So far, the purple peonies is my favorite.

Share us on Pinterest and social media and let your friends know where to get awesome printables! We love sharing our work as a way of giving back.


2018 color of the year calendar free printable, 2018 calendar monthly planner, ultraviolet monthly calendar




This is for A4 size paper but you can easily print on US Letter size using the printer settings HERE. The final calendar has a white space around the purple border for a clean look.

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Have an awesome day today! Purple power!




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