watercolor flowers, floral elements, graphics, freebies, design elements
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Free Watercolor Flowers For Your Pretty Projects

September 7, 2017

Hello friends! Here are more watercolor flowers for you. Introducing my WATERCOLOR FLOWERS that you can download absolutely FREE! This set contains 6 flowers, and more leaves and berries. Here, take a quick look.


watercolor flowers, floral elements, graphics, freebies, design elements




That’s right! I made these watercolor flowers without using any water. I used the Taiyasui Sketches app on my iPad to make these pretty flowers. You can also download it for free and use the watercolor brush to create beautiful sketches, and then save on a transparent background.  I upgraded to pro so I can mix more colors and add more layers to each project. It’s really super fun!

The watercolor flowers and leaves are also semi-transparent since I drew them digitally. I used the app to multiply the images if I need them to be more opaque. Generally, my watercolor floral elements work best on a white background.

Another technique is to add the elements on separate layers. After that, I can erase here and there, without erasing the rest of the images. I also flipped some leaves to create a more symmetric design.




I love making seamless patterns, and these watercolor flowers are just perfect for them! I explained how I make simple to more complicated seamless patterns using the Canva app. You can also use the same technique on any application, or even on paper.

Visit my 3 previous posts to learn more about seamless patterns. You can start with Part 1 through this link, How I Use Canva To Create A Seamless Pattern. Also check out the free digital paper designs I made using those steps.




These flowers and leaves can be yours absolutely free! There’s even another set of floral elements that you can use for your pretty projects!


Seamless pattern, seamless design, Canva tutorial, digital paper, free printables, floral pattern, repeating pattern


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Click HERE and HERE to download these flowers for your projects!

I had so much fun making these flowers, and I promise to make some more. Subscribe to my blog and I’ll send you an email to announce weekly freebies.




If you need more flowers for your projects, I have just the thing for you! I searched for more floral elements at thehungryjpeg.com that that you can actually use. They have tons and tons of flowers that you can play with, and I found these $1 deals that I really like. This blog will receive some income if you purchase through these links. Be inspired!


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