Here's my July bullet journal booklet with Dutch door. Quick tutorial how I prepared my bullet journal spreads plus the free printable that you can download. #bulletjournal
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How I Made My July Bullet Journal Booklet! (Free Printable)

June 23, 2018

Hi there! It’s only a few days before the start of July and I’ve already printed out my July bullet journal booklet. Here’s how I prepared my bullet journal spreads plus the free printable that you can download. There’s also a quick bujo flip-through video that I made for you!


Here's my July bullet journal booklet. Quick tutorial how I prepared my bullet journal spreads plus the free printable that you can download. #bulletjournal


My July bullet journal pages


For this month, I used my beautiful blue dahlias A5 printable planner pages. You can also download this for free at our Exclusives Library.


Free A5 printable planner - beautiful blue dahlias! See all 17 pages for your bullet journal layout. Download now for free! #printableplanner #freeprintable #printablesandinspirations


CLICK HERE TO READ MORE about this free printable planner, or click the photo above to take a closer look at the pages.

These are my July bullet journal spreads:

July cover page

July calendar with notes

Expense tracker and income/savings tracker

5 weekly spreads with habit tracker (Dutch door)

2 blank spreads for notes or collections

back cover page

My first weekly spread has some space  at the left side which show on all weekly spreads after I do the Dutch door cutouts. The last weekly spread has a habit tracker on the right side. This will also show on all weekly spreads so it’s more accessible.

I will be using the blank pages for my thankful list, wish list, blog ideas, and bujo plan for August. I’ll leave the back page as is, but this is also pretty for a highlights of the month page!

You can add more pages from our black/white bullet journal templates HERE. Also, check out more printable trackers HERE


Materials I used for my July bullet journal


Here’s what I used for my planner booklet: You may choose to click the links below to purchase on Amazon or to take a closer look at the products. (Affiliate links here.)

120 gsm textured specialty paper (A4 size) – 5 sheets makes 20 pages including the cover

Sakura Pigma Micron 0.5 mm

Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pens (Dark Cool Gray and Yellow Green)

Long arm stapler for booklets

I like that the paper is thicker but the print still shows on the other side. It doesn’t bother me though, but if you have paper suggestions please let me know in the comments below. 🙂

For the brush pens, I used green mostly to make my bujo more gardenlike. I like my Koi pens because they’re easy to work with and not so expensive. Quick tip though, don’t let your cats spill water on your bujo like I did last month, lol!


How to print your bullet journal booklet


These are the steps I do to print my monthly bullet journal. This post may contain affiliate links to products I use or recommend.

The most important app that I use now for organizing my bujo pages is the PDF Expert by Readdle. I’m using the iPad app and it has made my life super easy and more organized. It’s also synced with my Dropbox account so I can easily access my files online anywhere. Dropbox allows me to store my files online and share my free printables through a download link.



So the first thing I do is to save the printable pages to PDF Expert. My blue dahlias file has all kinds of different pages and spreads. PDF Expert lets me choose the pages I want and rearrange them for printing.

1. Open the PDF file and choose the 4 squares icon to view all pages.

2. Click EDIT and select all the pages you want for your bullet journal.

3. Use the EXTRACT button to create a new file with only your chosen pages. You can also change the file name at this point.

4. Open the new file and rearrange the pages. For editing purposes, move the cover page as the last page.


Here's my July bullet journal booklet. Quick tutorial how I prepared my bullet journal spreads plus the free printable that you can download. #bulletjournal


5. Duplicate the weekly spreads using the COPY then PASTE functions.

6. Hit DONE then CLOSE. Click the AA button to go to the view settings.

7. Choose the TWO-PAGE VIEW and scroll through the file to check your planner spreads.

8. Once you’re happy with your pages, go back to EDIT and move the cover page to the front.


Printer settings


Now you’re ready to print your July bullet journal! You can also write on your pages using PDF Expert but I’d rather use my brush pens instead.

On your printer settings, choose A4 size paper. Under page sizing and handling, choose BOOKLET > (BOOKLET SUBSET) FRONT SIDE ONLY > LEFT BINDING > PORTRAIT ORIENTATION. Click the photo below to take a closer look.


How to print a planner booklet, bullet journal booklet tutorial #bulletjournal #printableplanner


After printing the front pages, flip then reload the paper to print on the other side. Choose BOOKLET > (BOOKLET SUBSET) BACK SIDE ONLY > LEFT BINDING > PORTRAIT ORIENTATION.

For more details please check the printing instructions HERE.



Watch my July bullet journal video


This is my very first YouTube video and I’m so happy! I’ve been wanting to share my pages via video but I’m so camera-shy. And sorry about my sleepy voice. 🙂

Please hit LIKE or SUBSCRIBE to help support my channel. I would really appreciate that and I’ll know you’ll want more videos in the future.

And if you have your own YouTube videos, please leave me a comment on YouTube with the link so I can visit yours too!





Download and print your free July bullet journal booklet!


Thanks for watching! You can download the actual file I printed for my July bujo booklet from our Exclusives Library. Join our email list for your free access and you’ll receive email updates on our next printables!




You can also save this on Pinterest for later. Just hit the save button below.



See you on my next bullet journal post and video! Have fun planning a beautiful July.


Love much,


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