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July Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas – Free Printables!

June 20, 2018

Hello bujo lovers! Here’s our new set of July bullet journal cover or title pages. Download this free printable, then add to your bullet journal. Or use these cute themes as your bullet journal inspiration! I made 6 different designs, plus a July calendar that you can use for your habit tracker and more.

These bujo cover pages were made for half US Letter size paper but you can also print on A5. Make sure to choose FIT TO PAGE on your printer settings when you print your favorite design.

You can also use these with our free printable black and white bullet journal templates HERE. I love making these printables to save time but still allow us to do some calligraphy.

And check out the matching free July calendars HERE! I made calendars using some of the same letters, flowers, and mermaids.


6 super cute July bullet journal printables


Free printable July bullet journal cover page ideas, July bujo ideas, July bullet journal inspiration, July bujo title page, bullet journal printable


Since July is usually a rainy month for us, I thought of themes that are related to water or rain. So I thought of rainbows and unicorns, water beings a.k.a. mermaids, clouds, and the color blue. Click the photo above to take a closer look!


Unicorns and rainbows


I found this cute unicorn logo in the Fabulous Unicorn Collection by Shark&Croc Co. (Affiliate links from here.) This is part of the Cute Graphics Mega Set from TheHungryJpeg which is a really great buy!

Click the photo below to see all the graphics pack included in this set.


Cute graphics bundle


I’ve made so many designs from this set using only a handful of elements. This is really one of the best bundles for me.


Sweet angel


Next is this cute angel on a cloud, the same elements I used for the printable banner letters HERE. I also used the floral letters in one of our free July calendars. Click the links above to know where I got these clipart.


Pretty mermaids banner


I also made a free July calendar using these clipart so make sure to check that out later! These pretty girls are from the Little Mermaid Collection by Magic & Dreams. They also come in black and white so you can color the mermaids as you like.


Mermaid graphics


Gentle blue flowers


I didn’t want to use rain as a theme but these beautiful watercolor ¬†flowers are blue like the ocean. I made a floral wreath for our July bullet journal cover. These are the same flowers I used for my free A5 planner printables that you can use for the whole year!


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Blue dahlias frame


Speaking of blue flowers, this blue dahlias July cover page matches my latest A5 planner printables HERE that are so pretty! I wrote Hello July! Using the Parisienne font on Canva.


Cute pandas and July calendar


Say hello to these cute pandas again! You’ll see them in our planner cover for our black and white bullet journal templates HERE.

Speaking of black and white, here’s the July calendar for you! These all start on a Sunday to save more space.


Download your July bujo covers here. Remember to choose FIT TO PAGE when you print on HALF US LETTER SIZE paper.


Download your free July bullet journal cover and share this on Pinterest!


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Thanks for sharing! Have fun preparing your bujo pages and happy planning!




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