Free bullet journal printables, black and white planner templates, A5 planner printables for any bullet journal layout!
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Free Bullet Journal Printables (Black And White Templates)

June 7, 2018

Hello bujo and planner lovers! Here’s another set of free bullet journal printables for everyone. Check out our black and white planner templates and print for your personal use. These are 27 pages of A5 planner printables that are perfect for any bullet journal theme.

I’ve been printing my A5 bullet journal pages for almost a year now, starting with a monthly booklet, then ring binder, then back to the monthly booklet which I bring with me every day. And I like the A5 size because it is wider, and the proportions are perfect for printing on A4 and A6 too. It’s also easy to find a ring binder for these bullet journal printables. Check out these A5 ring binders from Amazon! (More affiliate links in this article.)


Black and white bullet journal printables


Check out all the A5 planner pages I made for you! These free printables make the task of creating a layout easier and you can still enjoy adding more doodles and colorful calligraphy. I made 27 pages in all – 13 two-page spreads so you can choose to print either left or right side only, plus a cute cover!


Free bullet journal printables, black and white planner templates, A5 planner printables for any bullet journal layout!


I got these cute pandas from Shark&Croc Co. at TheHungryJpeg. You can check out all their clipart by clicking the photo below.



Here’s a list of planner pages I have for you!


Monday/Sunday calendar


This are the very first pages I made and I made sure to leave enough space for doodles! You can write the name of the month on top and add more design at the bottom of the pages.

Right now I prefer Monday calendars, but I switch to a Sunday calendar every once in a while. Sometimes those extra days at the bottom of the calendar can get annoying, right?


Weekly spread


I made 2 kinds of weekly spreads that you can choose from. The first one is a simple spread with spaces for each day and some notes. The other has columns for daily appointments and another column for more notes, plus a grid you can use for a weekly tracker. I used a dot grid for notes so you can add more trackers to your weekly spread.

Looking for planner stickers for your weekly spread? Check out these cute stickers HERE.


Month overview and habit trackers


I made several sheets that you can use as a month overview, habit tracker, expense tracker and more. One is a month overview with a small calendar and space for goals. You can write the days beside the dates and highlight the weekends to guide you.

There’s also calendar habit trackers! Print out each page and use to track 6 habits. I even left out space for headings.

You can also cut out the calendars to create your own layout, or add to a weekly spread.

Also I made 2 kinds of 31 day trackers for your daily log. There’s also  4-column and 8-column charts you can use for your budget and expense trackers.

Need more tracker ideas? See our printable bullet journal trackers HERE.


Blank pages


Last but not the least are the blank pages that you can use for your bullet journal collections and notes. Choose from 2 kinds of lined pages and a dot grid. I left some space on top so you can write a header or draw a banner.





How to print your bullet journal printables


These were made for A5 size paper. If your printer can print on A5 paper, choose FIT TO PAGE and print the pages you like.

To print on A4 size paper, choose the pages you like and change the settings so you can print 2 pages per sheet. Click this link for more printing instructions.




Download your free planner printables!


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I make bullet journal covers, printable bujo pages and planner stickers every month. BE SURE TO CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT ALL OUR BULLET JOURNAL PRINTABLES.

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Thanks for being here and I hope to see you again! Let’s keep making beautiful and helpful things.




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