June bullet journal layout, Dutch doors, June bujo ideas, bujo inspiration
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My June Bullet Journal Layout With Dutch Door

May 28, 2018

A few days before June and I’m ready with my bullet journal. Check out the printable pages of my June bullet journal layout – with DUTCH DOORS! I’ve wanted to try these cute doors on my bujo spread and here’s what I came up with. You can print the bujo spreads on A4 paper, or use these as bullet journal inspiration.

June bullet journal layout, Dutch doors, June bujo ideas, bujo inspiration

Update: This was my bullet journal for 2018. I have a new June bujo layout for 2019 with travel theme. Click here for my June 2019 bullet journal printable with stickers.

To see more June bullet journal theme ideas, CLICK HERE for our June bujo covers.

June bullet journal spreads

I loved my May bullet journal pages so much that I wrote on every vacant space I could find to practice my calligraphy. However it got so cluttered that I decided to make more separate sections for my June bujo.

Click the photos below for a closer look! 

June bullet journal layout, Dutch doors, June bujo ideas, bujo inspiration

I kept the monthly overview and only left some space for my goals for the month. I realized that a vertical monthly log doesn’t work for me so I’m using a calendar instead.

Expense tracker

I used weekly bill trackers in May and they worked well for me. But sometimes I fail to pay on a due date and settle the bill the following week instead. So for my June bullet journal layout I’m using a single tracker for the whole month instead.

June bullet journal layout, Dutch doors, expense tracker, bills tracker, June bujo ideas, bujo inspiration

On the other page is the list of payment collections for the whole month, and a calendar savings tracker.

If you need a 12-month expense tracker, check out my bill tracker HERE.

I used it a the start of the year until I switched to monthly traveler’s notebooks to keep my bag light.


June weekly spread with Dutch doors

I learned about Dutch doors through this video by Miss McKenna and my brain gears got excited! I wanted to try it out but I only have 8 to 10 sheets on my monthly bujo.

So what I did is to simply cut out the ends on my weekly spread. This let’s me peek in the expense/bills tracker everyday and log in my habit tracker for the month. I also plan to put a check mark beside the bill that’s already been paid.

June weekly spread, June bullet journal layout, Dutch doors, June bujo ideas, bujo inspiration

This leaves me with less space for my weekly spread. I divided it into 8 sections. The last part is for small notes and quotes or pics and doodles.

It’s simple but I love it! I’ll see how this works out for me and I’ll let you know in my next bujo layout.

Thankful list and habit tracker

Because of the new weeklies in my June bullet journal layout, I have no more space for my thankful list and wish list/prayer list. So I added them on the last page with my monthly habit tracker.

June habit tracker, June bullet journal layout, Dutch doors, June bujo ideas, bujo inspiration

I folded the last weekly page instead of cutting it out so I can have more space for my thankful list. And to make sure I will fill up this page, I added this action to my habit tracker.

Check out this video flip through I uploaded on Instagram! I muted out the sound because I don’t know how to edit audio yet. I hope you like it!


Download and create your own June bullet journal layout!

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Thanks and may you have a beautifully blessed June!



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