Free Travel Bullet Journal Printable Planner And Stickers! This bullet journal layout includes printable stickers, calendar spread, monthly title page, weekly spread and more. #bulletjournal #travel #wanderlust #bujomonthly #printablesandinspirations #freeprintable
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Free Travel Bullet Journal Printable Planner And Stickers!

May 24, 2019

I’m almost ready for June! Today I’m sharing my printable bullet journal for June with a travel theme. There’s also free monthly covers so you may use this printable planner any month of the year. Plus I added printable stickers with more headers, labels and washi tape borders.

Free Travel Bullet Journal Printable Planner And Stickers! This bullet journal layout includes printable stickers, calendar spread, monthly title page, weekly spread and more. #bulletjournal #travel #wanderlust #bujomonthly #printablesandinspirations #freeprintable

I picked a travel theme for June 2019 and used this cute travel planner I made for CuteFreebies.Com as a template. But I wanted something more girly so I made a pink version for my June bullet journal and added some more pages.

This is my second June bullet journal and the first one has a floral theme. It was also the first time I tried Dutch doors, so if you want to see that then CLICK HERE for my June 2018 bujo booklet.

Bullet journal layout – travel theme!

Here are my June travel bullet journal spreads and some links to the free printables I used. You may use this planner and the free stickers for June or any month of the year.

Monthly cover page

There’s a cover for each month of the year so you may use this planner anytime you like! I use deco tape or washi tape to protect the edge of my bujo booklet. It also covers the staple wire ends so I don’t get any accidents. However this tape is a bit wonky so I might change it up later.

Calendar spread 

This is a blank calendar spread you may use for any month. I made separate boxes for each day so I can add a drop shadow on special days like my dad’s birthday. I cut out a simple Dutch door for easy access to my June dashboard.

Dot grid paper for my monthly dashboard

Aside from my goals, I’m also listing down my focus for each week. This way I’ll easily decide which tasks to prioritize every day. I used the labels from the free sticker sheet that comes with this free planner as headers for each section.

Mood tracker and habit trackers

To save up some space, I’m merging my energy tracker and habit tracker together. For my mood/energy tracker, I’ll draw either a car, steamboat, airplane or hot air balloon to indicate my energy level. I’m only tracking 3 habits and I’ll put a check under each column to record what I accomplished for the day.

Meal tracker

I’m still using a food checklist for my meal tracker and my goal is to have fruits, vegetables, fish or meat every day. I’m also listing down sweets and pastries and I should have only one a day.

Budget planner and expense tracker

These are pages from my FREE printable budget planner! To download the complete set, just click the image below.

Sleep tracker

I’m terrible at sleeping early because I love working on new printables. So for now my goal is to sleep before 2 am and I’m using only half of each FREE time tracker sticker. 

Weekly spread layout

You may choose from 3 weekly spreads – 2 vertical and one horizontal layout. I’m creating a Dutch door for my first weekly spread layout to include the 2 extra days at the beginning of the month.

Free Travel Bullet Weekly Planner - vertical and horizontal layout. #bulletjournal #travel #wanderlust #weeklyspread #printablesandinspirations #freeprintable

Free printable stickers

Here’s a free sticker sheet for extra headers, labels and tape borders! I’m thinking of using the airplane labels for flight schedules and the camera labels to record happy moments.

Free Printable Stickers With Travel Theme. Printable planner stickers for your bullet journal.  #bulletjournal #travel #wanderlust #plannerstickers #printablesandinspirations #freeprintable

June plan with me video 

Here’s a quick video on my YouTube channel to show you my June bullet journal layout. I’m not doing voice overs for now to speed up my process. I hope you like it!

Click here for the actual PDF file I used.

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Get your free travel bullet journal printable!

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Here are the download links for you. You may print on A4 or A5 size paper. I printed this as a booklet on A4 size paper but as you can see, I’m still having margin issues with my printer. I’ll probably print single A5 pages next month. You may see more printing instructions here.

Click to download your free travel bullet journal printable.

Get the free time tracker stickers here.

Get the free budget planner here.

Check out more travel planner pages from CuteFreebies.Com!

I’m also using these FREE printable school/work stickers. They are 1.5 inches wide and I think they will work with other planners like Erin Condren or MAMBI.

More bullet journal printables

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Thanks a bunch and have fun with your new printables! CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE BULLET JOURNAL PRINTABLES.

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