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Why I Bullet Journal On A Monthly Planner Booklet

January 9, 2019

Here are my top reasons why I use a monthly planner booklet as my bullet journal. I’ve listed it down to encourage you to start bullet journaling and eventually develop your own style. I’ve finally completed my first full year of monthly bullet journal setups this 2018, and I’m so happy I was able to share them with you as free printables. Now I’m soooo looking forward to 2019 and new bujo themes and layouts!

I’m still going to make new planner or bujo booklets every month and you may print out the pages individually or print the whole booklet for free. So be sure to join our email list to get notified on new printable planners and access my printables in out Exclusives Library!


I used to buy a new planner every year. But I didn’t have a system to follow, so no matter how pretty my planner was, I stopped using it after a month or two. Or sometimes I use it as a notebook instead and I write just anywhere and everywhere.

Thank you for bullet journaling

Now with the bullet journal system, I’m able to use my planner to increase my productivity and reach my goals. I was first attracted to the way they decorate bujos on YouTube, but later on I began to appreciate how simple yet efficient this system is, If you want to know more about bullet journaling, then be sure to visit later.

My monthly planner booklets make bullet journaling easier and more convenient for me, and also serves as my creative outlet. Now instead of just watching a video while waiting in the cafe for someone, I turn to my booklet and use my time to update my tasks and goals, or decorate it!

Advantages of a monthly bullet journal booklet


I’ve always loved planners and notebooks, but the hardbound or leatherbound ones can get heavy. Even light planners are too heavy for me since I have other things I carry in my bag – iPad, beauty kit, brush pens etc. Now I can choose to bring only 2 months of my planner and leave the rest at home.

With a monthly planner booklet, I’m also forced to review my planners regularly to move tasks that were left undone. Here’s a weekly spread video that also shows what I have in my planner case. Sorry about the cover though, I’m not yet allowed to choose my own. 🙂

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Booklets don’t have a spiral or ring binder, so it’s easier to write on it especially for left-handed people like me. Writing can be a pain as it is, so any leftie hack really helps me a lot. It’s also easier me to do some brush lettering on a flat booklet.


Arranging my bullet journal pages as a booklet before printing them out makes it easy for me to compile them later in an A5 ring binder. All I need to do is punch some holes, stick a tab on the cover page, and insert the whole booklet in the ring binder. And when I’ve overcome my separation anxiety, I can remove the staple wire and cut the sheets in half to turn my booklet into individual A5 pages!

Easy to print.

Printing a booklet can be tricky at first. But once you get the hang of it, it’s easier than printing out individual pages. I plan my pages using the PDF reader app on my iPad. I usually need 6 sheets of paper to make 24 pages for the month (including the front and back covers). Here’s a video to show you how to print a booklet.

A new planner every month!

Nothing feels like a fresh start than a new planner. Each monthly bullet journal booklet is a set of new pages where I can express and organize my thoughts and sometimes restart my goals.The monthly themes also help give that fresh new feeling, and I’m always excited to try new layouts.

Create your own monthly planner booklet

You may always use my free printable planners or create your own pages. If you don’t want to print, you may simply get your favorite dot paper, watercolor paper, or stationery(preferably 100gsm or higher for doodles and brush pens). Arrange the pages and fold into a booklet, then staple at the center. Another option is to add a pretty cover to differentiate your monthly planners. You may also create something more fancy like the one in this video.

Thanks for reading this! We may have different styles or preferences when planning or using a planner, but we all have the same goal – to make each day better for us and for those we love.

Feel free to browse around for more printables, and I’m sure you’ll find your perfect match. Have a wonderful day and happy planning!


Love always,

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