Free printable student planner with free 2020 2021 calendar for kids! Help students organize their activities and tasks for the whole year, plus school calendar. #backtoschool #printablesandinspirations
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Free Student Binder Planner Printable For 2020 – 2021 (Updated!)

December 3, 2017

Hello friends! Here’s our updated BEST YEAR EVER! STUDENT PLANNER with free calendar for kids! I updated it to 75+ free printable pages to help your students organize their activities and tasks for the whole year. This student planner has calendars from January 2020 to December 2021 so you can use them for the next school year. Read more to see your new student binder pages and get your free download! (Post updated June 2020)

We also have more school planner options and a teacher planner too! I’ll list down all the links after I show you what I love to call the BEST YEAR EVER! Student Planner.

Free printable student planner with free 2020 2021 calendar for kids! Help students organize their activities and tasks for the whole year, plus school calendar. #backtoschool #printablesandinspirations

MY BEST YEAR EVER! Student planner

Here are the wonderful pages of your free printable student planner or student binder. I created a new cover and info page just for this school year, plus a motivation page – “This will be my best year!”

Free printable student binder printable planner for 2020 2021 #backtoschool #printablesandinspirations

2020-2021 calendar and monthly planners

This student planner comes with year-at-a-glance 2020 and 2021 calendars and a 4-page calendar for a future log or year overview. Each calendar starts on a Monday since this will be used for school days.

Free printable 2021 calendar #printablesandinspirations #backtoschool

Use the quarterly calendar to plot down big activities for each month, and monthly goals. Later, your kid can use this as reference when filling up the monthly overview.

Free printable 2021 monthly goals #printablesandinspirations #backtoschool
Free printable monthly goals overview with calendar - monthly calendar printable #printablesandinspirations #backtoschool

Help your kids use these pages to set their goals and achieve more success. Before diving into each monthly overview with your precious ones, check out these goal-setting worksheets HERE.

Plus I added a NEW set of monthly calendars that you may include in your binder or display in the study area. It’s a “running calendar” so each day has its own box. There’s also enough space at the bottom for more notes

Free printable 2021 student calendar - monthly calendar printable #printablesandinspirations #backtoschool

We have more free printable 2020 calendars and 2021 calendars, just click the link and choose from many beautiful designs!

Weekly planner with calendar

Just like the monthly overview, each weekly planner has a calendar insert. This way, your child can easily see how many days have gone and how many days are left. Use a highlighter to show which days are included in the weekly planner.

Free printable weekly planner printable with calendar - #printablesandinspirations #backtoschool

The planner runs from Monday to weekends, so you can easily remember to put some more family time at the end of each week.

You may also click HERE to check another set of student weekly planners!

School planner pages

Aside from these, our free printable student planner has pages for assignments or homework, test or exam dates, project planner, class schedule and class information.

Free printable student planner with free 2020 2021 calendar for kids! Help students organize their activities and tasks for the whole year, plus school calendar. #backtoschool #printablesandinspirations

And I added a dot grid page and a lined page so you may create your own charts and planner pages for your kids!

Put all of these pages inside a US Letter size binder, along with other school documents. You may print the monthly overview on board paper to serve as monthly dividers.

Pretty binder covers

Lastly, use the student planner covers to cap it all. Write your child’s name on the info page to personalize it. I also included the old cover and a new motivation page so you can use them to create a planner pocket or binder cover. Have fun with your new planner!

Print on US Letter size paper and add to your DIY student binder. You may also print on A5 size paper to create a planner book. Also check out these cute school binder dividers.

Get your free printable school binder dividers! Super cute designs plus free printable label stickers for the first day of school. #freeprintable #firstdayofschool

Download your free student planner binder

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Click to download : 2020 Student Binder | 2021 Student Binder

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More student planner designs and other printables

Here are more FREE printables to help you start an awesome school year. Just click each link to read more and get your free download.


STUDENT WEEKLY PLANNERS (With simple and cute designs)

SHARK-THEMED MONTHLY AND WEEKLY PLANNERS (Plus party invites and memory cards!)


HALFSIZE DAILY SCHOOL PLANNERS with School Doodles and Pink Floral themes




Thanks for being here and have a great school year every year!




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    1. You’re welcome Nunny, we’re happy to help!
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