DIY Planner Printables For Any Year! Choose from 40+ pretty planner templates or planner kits. #freeprintable #diyplanner #plannerlover #printablesandinspirations
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DIY Planner Printables For Any Year!

July 21, 2019

Hi planner friends! Here are some free printable pages you can use for your DIY planner. These are DIY planner printables and templates you can use for any year. There’s also some pretty planner stickers and beautiful planner covers to add to your binder.

DIY Planner Printables For Any Year! Choose from 40+ pretty planner templates or planner kits. #freeprintable #diyplanner #plannerlover #printablesandinspirations

I create and use a new planner (and stickers) every month for my bullet journal layout. I print the pages as a booklet on A4 size paper to make A5 size planner inserts. You may also choose to print the pages individually on A5 size paper.

And if you want to see the new planner printables I use every month, then be sure to join our bullet journal community for FREE! You’ll receive free email updates and access to more planners and stickers at our Exclusives Library.

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How I print my DIY planner

I showed how I made my DIY planner in my August plan with me video on YouTube. You may watch the video below or read a separate article on my most recent tips on how to print A5 planner inserts.


Download this free printable planner!

DIY Planner Printables For Any Year! Choose from 40+ pretty planner templates or planner kits. #freeprintable #diyplanner #plannerlover #printablesandinspirations

I really love my new August 2019 planner! There’s also monthly covers from January to December, plus planner stickers that are so pretty.

Click here to download your free printable planner.

To print the stickers, choose Size then click Actual Size. Print on A4 size paper. To print the planner, use the booklet layout as described in the video or in the steps here.

And if you need more binder covers and dividers to go with your new DIY planner, then get these free printables at CuteFreebies.Com!

More DIY planner printables

I’ve been printing my planner for more than 2 years now. Can you imagine how many pretty planner templates I have for you? 

Some of these DIY planner printables have plan with me videos to show you how I used them. Feel free to look around and enjoy!


Have fun with your new DIY planner printables!

Love always,


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